My Nana, Icie Mae Goodwin aka Gypsy….
I really don’t know where to begin. I grew up most of my life with my paternal grandmother. She was and still is a very important part of my life. Although in my troublesome teens, well into my tempting twenties, I would not listen to or apply the wisdom that she imparted in me. Now that I am 40 something, I find myself hearing a replay of all that she taught and showed me by being an example of all that she spoke on. I can remember every other Saturday, she would take me with her the hair salon with her. As Mr. Jimmy Hawkins did her hair, there was another stylist there to do mine. Nana has always wanted the best for me and for me to experience great things in life. Looking back on growing up in Washington, DC with Nana, I think of the Sunday brunches at the Watergate, shopping at the Mazza Gallerie and having sandwiches w/ malted milkshakes at Swenson’s Ice Cream Parlor, going to the Kennedy Center. She and my Aunt Sheryl even took me to see Liberace at Radio City Music Hall. That weekend, we also went to see the Broadway musical play, The Tap Dance Kid. These are just to name a few things. Oh, let me not forget to mention brunch at the Four Seasons. On a personal touch, I can never forget Nana’s leg of lamb on Easter Sundays. If I fell asleep before we got to die the eggs together, she would have it done by the time that I woke up with the Paas egg dye. I believe that I get my “it only cost” motto from my Nana, even though she would say this more so when she got a great clearance deal. And let’s not get on shoes, Nana is known for shoes, shoes and more shoes… Along with hats, hats and more hats… My Nana is my version of the elegant Jackie Kennedy as she is the epitome of class, grace, elegance, and strength. At 87 years old, Nana has not changed one bit. She is still the backbone of my family. She is a mother, a grandmother and a great grandmother. I love my grandmother for being more than a grandmother, she is my Shero. My grandmother, Icie M. Goodwin is the inspiration of my upcoming clothing brand, Inspired by Icie.
Happy Mother’s Day, Nana
Love you 4 Always 4 Ever

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