As a social butterfly and an entrepreneur, I think I’ve
learned the hard way about business associates and how they can damage your business. Believe it or not,what you don’t  know about them can damage your business. Let’s explore types of business  ASSociatES you might want to steer clear of when it comes to business:

People who say the got your back,normally do – literally! These are the who take take take,but forget to give back to you or others who has helped them or they are so self-centered the their mentality is to keep you from being successful.

People who are not dependable. They will pretend to be on board with upcoming events or projects and jump ship at the last minute. In addition,  they are never timely and make tons of excuses or blame everyone else for their shortfalls.

People who make everything about themselves. Trust me you will want to ditch these people while you can. Because they are so self-centered, they will not focus on the ultimate goals.Please note that this group of people will not focus on the goals at hand and will tend to use “I” and “me” alot.

People who are OVER – talkers are UNDER-thinkers which means they are less likely to meet deadlines. This is  another liability because nothing with get completed.Also stay away from people who gossip about other people or businesses because they will talk about someone else today and you the next.

People who tend to always want to be involved with groups or cliques are less likely to make great business decisions and will normally make decisions based on the feelings of their enterouge. Please note a business team is great for your business because everyone on the team is capable of making leadership decisions.In comparison, being apart of a basic group or clique does nothing for your business because they are only leeches hanging on for the ride. Oopsie did I say that? It’s so true.

Next up..What it takes to be a leader?
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