I am always asked,”what accessories goes with this and what accessories with that?” Truth is there is an art to wearing jewelry and accessories. Here’s my two cents on wearing accessories and not allowing accessories to overpower your outfit:


Normally people tend to scale back on jewelry during the Winter months, but Winter is really when people should wear more jewelry. Actually during Winter is a time people should consider bulky jewelry as well as jewelry with more stones. Other seasons of the year deserves its fair share of jewelry and accessories, but I would suggest going with vibrant colors rather that dull and predictable jewelry pieces during Fall, Spring and Summer.

Jewelry and accessories shouldn’t be “matchy matchy” with an outfit because it only gives the jewelry/accessories the blending effect. Looking as if you are wearing ONE ITEM.I know this habit is hard to break. Consider this: When you wear jewelry and accessories of one color, no one can really notice the shoes because they are same color as outfit and so on and so on.

When wearing a jewelry item that you want noticed then wear it with an opposite color. Such as wearing a warm color with a cool color. For example,if you want to accent your green accessories then you should pair green accessories with a brown outfit.

Do you think jewelry and accessories are important to complete your fashion style?

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