Regardless of whether you work a 9-5 job or start a business as an entrepreneur we all know it is very hard to fit in or deal with certain people. In every environment setting there’s always someone you work with or attempt to work with that feel like they know it all, will do anything in efforts to get to the top or they do nothing but blame others for their shortfalls. So here’s the big question, what do you do to fit in with people who ultimately suck?

Absolutely nothing. Never attempt to fit into an environment that goes against your morals, integrity or beliefs. Also in this particular situation don’t use the advice of the old saying if you can’t beat them join them because you will only look stupid in the process.

Instead of attempting to fit in with co-workers or markets that suck.Try these tips:
Be geniune Continue to be loyal to who you are.When all else fails other co-workers, bosses and clients will always appreciate being around people they can could on to be the geniune daily. Plus if you own a business, your brand and your clients need and deserve that.
Always work with people who motivate, support and appreciate your ideas. This concept works across the board of working within corporate America or being self-employed.
As an entrepreneur remember that you’re the boss for a reason. So only work for free when you want to not because others don’t value the price tag you put on your services.
Positive environments creates positive outcomes. In any given situation, attempt to be positive. Creating a positive environment will sometimes deter people from being negative or being someone that they are really not.
Always strive to be your best and with doing so you will attract great people in the process-most of the time.

Next up..How to deal with people who don’t want to pay for your services.
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