I once hired someone to work at one of largest shows of my life and the whole time they spent time passing our their business cards instead of actually working for me and doing duties they was hired to do.When if the employee would have stressed their mission I could have help them pass our their business information in a more professional manner and still effectively worked with me.

As a leader,I don’t make it a mission to terminate anyone. However as a small business owner you have to know when to cut your losses and move forward. As a small business owner,  do you know when you have created the right team to work for your company?  Do you know how to point out employees that are not a good match for your family? Here’s a few tips to let you know that an employee is not a great fit for your company:

If the employee doesn’t fully represent your brand, this is a true sign that the employee is not a great fit for the company. Also note that you, as a small business owner must also represent your brand and to be an example for your employees. This prevents the employee from getting mixed signals based on what you’re doing and what you’re expecting from them.

If the employee is not a team player.Its doesnt really make sense to have someone apart of the TEAM if they are always thinking of themselves.

An automatic deal breaker for me is punctuality and excuses. Believe it or not these two traits can and will show weakness of an employee and ruin your business-if you allow it. When owning a small business you always want a strong employee to have the ability to pick up where you left off. You especially want this in place incase you get sick or the worst you die.You can’t depend on people who provide excuses. So don’t even try.

So here’s the next question. How to get rid of toxic employees?  I’m glad you asked..First understand that since you are a small business having an employee is a part of network that could help or hurt your business. So different than Corporate America right? So here’s ways to eliminate employees that can ruin your business.

Just do it!
Letting an employee go doesnt get any easier or better for the business the longer you wait so just do it.Trust me when I say you’ll be glad you did

Send them away with a bang….
Remember to use your sources wisely.If they worked for your company that means they liked the company-right? Here’s my ideal going away gifts: t-shirt,pens,pencils,waterbottles and any other small token that has your company logo.Please note this is a two-fold technique.It says goodbye to the employee with class and it continues to spread the word about your business.

Always be honest!!
Never lie to your employees.Let them know your expectations and we’re they fell short of these goals.This will give the employee an opportunity to re-evaluate and correct these expectations when perusing their next career.

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