As a business owner,it’s nothing worse than getting a text that states “Im on my way” from a person you have a schedule meeting with. Have you ever rushed to your scheduled business meeting only to find when you arrive that the other party isn’t there? Yes, I think we all have at some point of our entrepreneurship. Being late just proves two thing about you. You are inconsiderate on others time and you don’t value the person that you are meeting with.

Here’s two quick tips to help you stay punctual:

Plan Ahead.
It’s no reason to be late if plan ahead.When I have a meeting I always leave an hour and half ahead of planned meeting just to assure I make the scheduled meeting. By attempting to arrive one and half hours earlier,  I can avoid traffic jams, fix flat tires and still make scheduled meetings in a timely fashion.

Be respectful.
Be mindful of others time.Noone should have to delay their schedule because of you.It’s great to notify someone if you’re going to be late,but it’s rude to text about your tardiness. Pick up the telephone and explain why you expect to be late.

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