Shoes: What they say about your personality

Most of us have either said or heard the old cliche you are what you eat, but when it comes to fashion you are what you wear. Believe it or not shoes can actually tell more about your style and personality than clothes can because some shoes define your true inter being. In this blog,I compare the shoes that fit the personalities of people we see on a daily basis. So let’s define you. What type of shoe are you?

Shoes with wedges are similar to the shoes I remember seeing in my grandmother’s closet. Don’t get me wrong they are very stylish, but there is a time and a place for wedges. Okay, here’s the truth about wedges. If you love wedges you are not as confident as you should be. You may want to wear your heels as high as the best of them, but you lack enough confidence. This ideology also hold true for the kitty heels as well.

People who wear extremely high heels are not only brave but they are risk takers. If you are the type to wear heels that are more than five inches high you have probably fallen a time or two. Veterans of these shoes are known to be fashion savvy and stylish.

Flats while they are certainly in fashion, they tend to scream a lot about someone’s personality. Women wearing flats are more likely to be more conservative than fashionable. In addition to wearing flat shoes, they are more likely to have a sweater or jacket within close proximity because they are not only conservative, but predictable.

For women wearing flip flops or any other shoes that are effortless to put on or wear, you are more likely to wear clothes that don’t fit, hang loose and they may not even match. It’s okay because you will be surrounded by tons friends that love you for your outgoing personality.

There are many different styles, shapes and colors of shoes that could describe women and their personalities, but I wanted to use the most common for this blog. Click here to see some of my favorite shoes!

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Marilyn Monroe

So what type of shoe are you? Did one of the shoe personalities fit you? Do you agree or disagree?

This blog was originally published by and written by LaNette

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