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As a plus size woman, I must admit I never wanted to be in front of the camera until I met photographer Elaine Dacres, owner of Jamerican Designs. Elaine is great at giving directions to her clients to show their greatest assets. On a personal level, I feel it’s important to know how to take great pictures every time without worrying about whether my neck is too short or if my arms will look too flabby in the photo. Recently, I interviewed photographer Daleon Listrop of DList Photography to get some tips on how plus-size curvy women become more sexier in front of the camera.

What do you like about your plus-size/ curvy clients?
First off, plus size models are no different from your typical non-curvy models. They are still people and should in no way feel alienated because of their dress size. Nevertheless, the reason why I like to shoot plus size models is because they are more self aware of themselves within the photograph, which makes the photo shoot more focused.

Please give me advice on how to avoid the short dumpy look in photos? In other words, what do you recommend for plus size women when they are taking pictures? I highly recommend that models avoid tightly fitted clothing. Even in photos people should wonder what’s in store or what’s next. In tight fitting clothing people have nothing to wonder about and could sometimes get bored with the photo or the subject in the photo. Never attempt to hold your breath because it will only make the top half look larger than necessary.

My worst experience with taking pictures is having the perfect outfit, perfect pose and when I see the pictures I noticed my neck is missing. What are some tips to avoid the no neck syndrome? One way for anyone to avoid the no neck syndrome in pictures, not just plus-size or curvy women is to extend their neck outward. If you forget that method remember to look to the left or right with a slight tilt.

What advise do you have for curvy women that want to look sexy in their pictures? Most of the plus-size clients that I’ve worked with in the past have all been very outgoing and confident. For new models coming on the scene, my advice is be fierce, confident and have strong poses. Being confident will always show in all photos.

Do you agree or disagree with photographer Daleon Listrop’s advice?

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