Some of us have forgotten the general rules of fashion in the workplace. There are so many fashion trends to explore that some people may have forgotten how to dress in the workplace. Seriously what do you do with all of the clothes that you purchase if you can’t wear half of them to work?
In most work environments they have either business, business casual or casual. Business casual is the most common dress style for a lot of office-like environments so let’s explore that style first. Before I became an entrepreneur, I noticed that most positions in corporate America would start off with strict rules about dress and demand the business casual style of dress but after a period of time their rules became very relaxed.

First let’s define BUSINESS casual. Please note the keyword within business casual is BUSINESS.If your job requires you to dress business casual that means you should dress like you are going into a business environment. No exceptions. In most work environments I’ve noticed that people tend to dress more casual than business, instead of keeping the business casual concept together. Here’s a rule of thumb when working in the workplace:
When in doubt don’t!

If you work a 9-5 job and you have a hard time trying to figure out what “business casual” really means, I’ve put together a small list to help you with the do’s and don’ts of fashion in the workplace:
Don’t wear leggings. The style of leggings have gotten well out of hand because people tell to wear leggings with a long shirt or dress and it makes it okay-somewhat.
In my opinion, leggings are more casual than business casual. However, if you pair leggings with a suit jacket and a nice blouse and heels then you have just made yourself a business casual outfit. If you trade the leggings out for a pair of slacks or a pencil skirt then you are really on the right track with the business casual attire.

Jeans in the workplace is a definite don’t.
Ladies be very careful when wearing jeans to work. The biggest mistake that I’ve seen in the workplace with jeans is women attempting to wear “skinny jeans” to work. The big no no with jeans are people sometimes don’t take out the time to make sure they fit properly. Sometimes the jeans are too big and sometimes they are too too small and women end up having a muffin top just because they didn’t take out the time to wear the correct size jeans. Now if you want to take jeans to another level of fashion, I would suggest the dressy sailor type jeans or pants.
I repeat the dressy sailor type jeans are perfect for the business casual environment.
For the don’ts of jeans, don’t wear jeans gives you more of the garage sale look.Most people I’ve seen with this look normally wear and old tee-short to match their no-ironed jeans. This look is not appropriate for work or anywhere for that matter.

I must admit flip flops are my favorites but I still do not think they are appropriate for work on any given occasion. I would only suggest wearing flip flops if they have a bit of dazzle and designs to them to not make them look like beach casual wear.

The do and don’ts listed above are just a drop in the bucket when it comes to workplace fashion. To sum up the way you should and shouldn’t dress in the workplace environment is always dress like you are going to your next job interview. So what’s your pet peeve for workplace fashions?
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