How to give your next elegant event that personal touch

I love to attend parties. What I love more, is planning them for any occasion! Why you may ask? Simply put, it’s personal! Every occasion may be the same, but the taste of the individual is unique. Therefore, the event should reflect the personality! Let’s look at birthdays.

Birthdays are one of the most personal events that we could ever celebrate. It’s solely about that person. So, when planning a birthday party or even looking for that perfect gift, there are a few things you should consider that will make it personal. Keep in mind the person’s favorite color, food, hobby, or wish list.
When decorating for a birthday party, your color pallet can be made easy by using the person’s favorite color and/or colors. For example, purple.

This is a way to have it present without washing out the concept you’re trying to achieve!
Everyone loves to eat! Here you can add the personal touch of their favorite food to the mix. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. This truly lets the person know that the celebration was designed with them in mind!


So they want to go to Brazil as part of their wish list, but can’t afford to go? Bring Brazil to them!


Places that people want to visit always provide great decorating fun and give you a wider range of creativity. Plus, you will give them an event they will always remember!
Let’s not forget our guys. Does he love to golf? Take this opportunity to use those left over golf balls and some cute flowering pots to pull off a golf themed party. Whatever hobby that person may be into, look for cool out-of-the-box ideas and ways to incorporate it into the party.


The key to making an event, no matter the occasion, or gift unique is personalization! The person should see themselves in each element of the event and definitely in the gift! It comes down to really getting to know the person you’re planning and/or buying for. The statement is always made to not take things so personal. This, my friends, is the time you should take it and Make It Personal! Every day is an event worth celebrating! Make it fabulous!

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