Whoever said you must do something you’ve never done in order to accomplish things that you never have was obviously talking about being a successful entrepreneur. As this cliche can be applied to our daily lives, it especially applies to small business owners. Just imagine working in corporate America and you clock in at 9:00 and you clock out at 5:00 pm. In comparison, as an entrepreneur, you clock in and you don’t clock out until you’re done with whatever your business needs are. In most cases, the hours of the self employed are well over the hours of corporate America. My example of extended work hours is one example of what it takes to be a successful business owner.Here are some tips to become a successful business owner:

Finding a target audience
Regardless of the type of the business you’re in, you must know your product and know your purpose. Knowing your purpose gives you a better direction of where to start with your business.

Finding a support group
Choose your circle or a support group wisely. Networking is a great tool to build a strong support system for your business. As a business owner you will need a great support system to inspire and motivate you when your business goes through a rough patch. Having rough days in business will come more often than expected so you don’t want people in your circle that may be a hindrance or have a negative attitude about everything.

Making a statement
Make your presence known both on social networks and in person. Remember as a business owner you are now the representative of your business. When you are out and about use this time to represent your company in the greatest aspect by passing out business cards and spreading the word about your business. Don’t expect for family and friends to spread the word about your business-it is your business, so be proactive.

Truth about social media
When you are self-employed you may or may not have a lot of time to engage in social networks. Most experts suggest for business owners to use at least three social networks, but I disagree. Don’t allow social media take over your business. My suggestion about social media is to use the system that works for your business and run with it. Rather than having a lot of accounts that you are not familiar with. Two most common mistakes that I’ve seen with small businesses are entrepreneurs promoting their social pages, but they forget to keep their networks updated or interesting. Secondly, they have an audience and they post so much about having new products and etcetera that they forget to engage with the audience. Personally, I would rather have one faithful follower than twenty followers that are not interested.

Remember these tips are minimal when it comes to being successful. My greatest advice to any start-up business is to stay consistent, use methods that works for your business and remember to pay it forward. Always help others!

This article was written by LaNette and published previously by Ambition Magazine and Examiner. Meet LaNette

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