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We’ve all probably got over excited about one animal print item in our closet and that drove us to go to a different store and buy more animal print. Then you realize oops I forgot the shoes to match and you go to another store to get more animal print..I know we’ve all done this at least once. Recently at a conference, there was a lady with a zebra print and red outfit on. Sounds like a great fashion combination right? Please continue reading. She wore a zebra print jacket with a red tank top underneath. A zebra print skirt that didn’t quite match the jacket, but since it’s zebra print it has to match right? No, it doesn’t, but keep reading. As if that much zebra print and red wasn’t enough, she also had zebra print shoes and purse trimmed in red to match the outfit.

Feet of CEO of JaDevan
Feet of CEO of JaDevan

Ladies this is where you should draw the line! Please know your limits when it comes to wearing animal print. First off, animal print should not be a complete outfit unless you are able to purchase it as one full outfit. Buying animal print as one outfit will prevent the mixing and matching look of animal print. Please also note that just because it’s the same animal print doesn’t mean it matches. For example, if you go into a store and you happen to see a zebra print business suit or a snake skin dress this is a great buy. These types of outfits are great because they are all one outfit and they will always match. If you decide that you are not the type to buy the full animal print outfit then you should be wearing animal print as an accent to keep your outfit unpredictable.

To get some ideas on how to wear animal print,be sure to look at the slideshow featuring celebrities wearing perfect animal print outfits.

Here’s a question: When it comes to animal print. Do we as women tend to take it to far? What draws our attention to animal print? What makes us what to take this fashion to the next level?

This article was written by LaNette and originally published on Examiner.


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