Everything we read, see or hear says that we as women should  be this way or look a certain way. When was the last time you read, saw or heard something that said to you, “You’re fabulous the way you are?” and you continued to  keep rocking with it. Aside from Bruno Mars’ Just the Way You Are or L’oreal’s commercial saying “You’re worth it,” it’s very likely that you haven’t. Why? The answer is because most women have allowed the views of others to establish a set of false guidelines that define who, what and how we should look and or How we should be! The reality is that the beauty lies in us of being unique.
When you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that has just the right sparkle or searching for a specific dress that just calls your name or sniffing flowers that have a certain pleasing fragrance, you are in fact looking for something different right? So why is it that we as women feel we should duplicate other women or be who society suggest?
We possess a unique beauty inside and out that is worth celebrating! So let’s celebrate being beautiful women!  There’s no fun in being the same as someone else. It doesn’t give a person a reason to notice you. I truly think we forget that we don’t have to be someone else.
So then, why are we listening to these false prophets? That’s right I said it! (In my Michael Baisden voice) That is what they are when they give you a forecast of who you should be and or look like that isn’t true. Aren’t you tired of hearing a lie? It’s time for the beautiful truth!
The truth is that we all are beautiful! Whether we are short, tall, thin or fat, it really doesn’t matter. We are all needed to make the world complete. We can’t survive without each other and that is, as the kids say, real talk!
Therefore, why change? Well, if you are still on a search to find the “you” that you want to be, keep looking inside. The woman you want to be is waiting to be introduced to the world. If you are the woman that has found who she desires to be but is hesitant because it doesn’t fit the mold that has been cast, break the mold and the chains and please come forward. Your presence has been requested! Now, to those of us who feel we have arrived, pump your brakes! We haven’t done anything if we have not reached out to another woman or inspired her to be greater. Being jealous or worried about whether another woman will out shine us or not has never been cute contrary to the popular belief!
There is a huge party called life taking place that is waiting for the guest of honor to arrive, YOU! You are worth the wait and worth celebrating! Why change?   
LaWanda Tillett

“Why change? Everyone has his own style. When you have found it, you should stick to it.”
~Audrey Hepburn

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