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LaWanda Tillett is the owner of Little Black Dress Event Planning and Concierge Services, LLC. After planning parties, events and serving as an administrative assistant for others for the past 14 years, LaWanda decided to use her talent and gift to establish her own business and incorporate it in February 2014.

LaWanda also has a passion for mentoring young ladies. She has served as such since 2006 to present with Young Women Achieving Success where she is co-facilitator. Because of LaWanda’s care and concern for young women everywhere, she plans to use her business as a platform to inspire, educate, motivate and empower young women to know their worth. She desires to show young women that beauty begins on the inside and that the outside is just a manifestation of the transformation that is taking place on the inside.

It is LaWanda’s hope to leave behind a legacy of volunteerism and caring for her children to carry on and know the importance of giving back and caring for others as much as we care for ourselves. She is a wife and the mother of 2 daughters and currently resides in Portsmouth, VA. It is more than a dress. It is a movement where every day is an event worth celebrating!

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