Molested is such a harsh term especially when speaking of jewelry and accessories, but I used this term because I wanted our audience to see the severity of today’s blogpost. Although the word “molested” is normally used as a sexual term, this post will not contain sexual content.

Ladies I think we’ve all attempted fit in with the latest earring trend of big earrings. Go ahead and admit it.
Just like the clothes we wear we must also find earring styles that fit us properly as well.

Here’s tips to protect your ears or should I say your earlobes:

First: I don’t  recommend wearing secondhand earrings because the post of the earrings can carry bacteria that is not visible to the eye.If you are the thrifty person who can’t live without second hand items, you may want to soak the earrings in peroxide first.

Second: In the past, there was a rule that earrings shouldnt touch your shoulders,but because of recent fads that rule kind of went out the window.Heres a new rule to consider,if the earrings feel to heavy they probably are.

Third: Please choose your earrings wisely.If the earrings are pulling on your earlobes you may want to change to smaller earrings or wear larger earrings only for a short period of time.


Trust me when I say it’s nothing sexy about sagging earlobes. If you’re unsure on what type of earrings you should wear go for pearl stud earrings.

What do you think about huge earrings?

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