Today my daughter told me that her friend started her period at school.  For most women starting a cycle is effortless because we know what to do and what products to buy. Or at least our husbands or boyfriends do. 🙂
When my daughter told me about her friend’s first menstrual experience, my heart stopped.I immediately thought back to my first menstrual cycle and how my parents didn’t  explain the full process of  becoming a women to me. I remember being in the 8th grade and my gym class had shown a reproductive film two weeks prior to the my period starting, but I don’t remember the film showing details of what to do when or if a cycle starts while you’re at school. Remembering my school experience really made me feel sorry for my daughter’s friend.

Similar to my teen experience, my daughter’s friend was scared and didn’t know what to do. Not to mention, embarrassed! In addition to not knowing about becoming a women, my daughter’s friend parent wouldn’t/couldn’t leave work. So she was left alone!

Heres my food for thought:
As parents do we depend on a school system to teach our teen girls about becoming a woman and other sexual issues? As mothers are we  too busy for our teens?

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