Growing up my grandmother had all her clothes made. There was a certain style and modesty that grandma liked. My grandmother’s seamstress, Mamie, had been a professional seamstress all her life. When my grandmother needed new clothes she would shop for material and all supplies (thread, zipper, buttons, etc) and take them right to Mamie. In about 2-3 weeks her clothes would be ready for pick up. I marveled at her sewing space. She had this old singer metal sewing machine and all her supplies next to her.

When she heard that I was learning to sew she became my critic. One year I made this Satin purple drop was dress (think flappers dress with a sash and bow close to the hem). It had pearl buttons for the closure on the shoulder and neck. It was my first project in sewing on slippery material. It was a nightmare. When Mamie saw the dress and turned up the hem to see the construction. She smiled, nodded her head and said, “Good job!” You would of thought I won an Olympic Gold Medal. That affirmation gave me the confidence to continue to sew and improve my skills.

Over the years I continued with my sewing and began to take on customers. Until one day I learned the process of apparel manufacturing (cut & sew). My mother had a manufacturing company that manufactured clothes for big and tall men. Specializing in 1x-12x shirts and pants.

What are you seweing? Need sewing tips?

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