As I writer I have to admit that blogging or writing is sometimes stressful. Writing is a tad stressful because it’s all about deadlines depending on the type of writing. On the other hand, blogging is not really stressful but sometimes I forget to stop reading and writing blogs so the time management part of blogging becomes stressful. Another thing that I noticed about blogging or should I say  BLOGGERS is that some of them are very rude. Here’s an experience I had when I once attended a bloggers’ conference:

I remember packing my bags and attending a blogging event. I was very excited about this event because I didn’t feel I was a great blogger so I was ready to learn something new about blogging. Not to mention that I was ready to meet all of the bloggers that I looked up to.Honestly, alot of them kept me motivated about blogging. I wont say the name of this event to keep this post as professional as possible.

Once I arrived to the conference,  I  quickly noticed that the very same bloggers that had communicated with me via social networks on multiple occasions were very rude, snobbish or stand-offish. They acted overly busy and gave little to no eye contact. Not providing eye contact is a big pet peeve of mine especially since as bloggers or writers we look into the eyes of a pen and paper daily. Its really shameful not to give the same respect to a real live person.

Sadly a lot of the rude bloggers were “curvy”/plus-size or fashion bloggers. As a plus-size person, I really expected to be accepted by my own kind. Especially since most plus-size people know what it’s like to not be socially accepted.

Anyway when I returned back to Texas, some of those same bloggers that couldn’t communicate with me in person were back to their chatty ways on social media.. Strange huh?

Here’s a tip for all my blogger friends:
We are only bloggers and we are here to inspire and motivate each other not make each other feel less than human. Please remember to be nice!

I pray to have a better experience at the next bloggers’ conference and this time I will choose one wisely.

My experience of attending the bloggers’ conference made me wonder the following:
Why would someone be able to blog daily to their audience via social media and non-communitive in person? Does  blogging or writing make a person anti-social?

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