I enjoy being a boss of a business (Just Pearlz) that I started with $50 or less, however I must admit I’ve had some pitfalls along the way. This blog and others similar will hopefully help other entrepreneurs not make the same mistakes that I made in the first 4 years of owning a small business.

I started my small business because I wanted to feel WHOLE again. I know that sounds stupid or overly spiritual, but when I worked for Corporate America I really felt like a chuck of my body was missing. I worked and worked for the corporate world and I really felt trapped. As an employee, my opinions weren’t valued, I was always overlooked for promotions by the same people I had trained to do their job effectively and I absolutely hated the two-faced so-called environment. So needless to say, I had outgrown the 9-5 lifestyle.

Opening my own business was an answer to my prayers because I was ready to work towards my dreams. Although owning a business sounds like a dream comes true, I’ve had some rough patches and one of them was I HAD MAJOR TRUST ISSUES!. After I started my business I trusted everyone. For me if you looked and sounded like an entrepreneur that was good enough in my book. So for me I didn’t believe that entrepreneurs lied,stole or cheated from other entrepreneurs to get to the top..Boy was I wrong! My first year of business I think I listened to all sorts of lies and scandals. My first year of business I was not only screwed by just regular entrepreneurs, but I was messed over by CHRISTIAN entrepreneurs! Below are scandals to watch out for when you own a business:

Here’s scandal #1:
I attended this business networking event at a church in Dallas and the cost was $25.00 to attend. No problem,  $25.00 was a small investment for a future billionaire right?
Well here’s the scandal….
I was suckered out of $25.00 more dollars to have billboard advertising. In the same night the church secretary begged me to allow her to purchase my pearl jewelry via PayPal because she stated she didn’t have money on her. Against my better judgment, I allowed her to leave with my products and never received any money sent to the PayPal invoice sent three times.

Here’s scandal #2:
I was invited to be a vendor at a church women’s conference at Irving Convention Center for $150.00 and I assumed that this was a great opportunity because women love jewelry. The event coordinator said that this event would be a great opportunity for my business because there would be tons a women from churches attending this event.She actually told a half truth about this event because she managed to host her event around another religious conference held on the same day. So the OTHER religious conference had about 300 people in attendance and the person that had my $150.00 vendor fee only had 17 people. Please keep in mind that the $150 doesn’t include the $15 parking fee or $20 for the lunch that I was told would be free.After completing this event I felt horrible. I felt used and manipulated!

Here’s scandal #3
I was contacted by a Pastor and Co – Pastor (minister and wife) who requested for me to be a vendor coordinator for their upcoming event. I had a gut feeling about these two when the pastor became very edgy about being asked about the church he pastored and when I told him about my vendor recruiting fees. After two meetings with these two so-called  Godly people, I knew this adventure to not for me. Here’s several reasons I knew thier event wasn’t for me:
The event was an all day outside event. They wanted me to charge $300 per vendor when the average new event charges $50-75 for vendor fees and based on the event being an outside event in Texas summer heat the vendor fee should have been $25 or less. I’m so glad that I used my nogin on this event because I had several vendors from Vendors Preferred state that after then paid $300, the outside event held less than 100 people which included vendors. What I know now that I didn’t know when my business started was when an event coordinator charges a high vendor fee to an event you’ve never heard of or for their first event they are attempting to pay their expenses and they don’t care if you as a a vendor make any money.

Here’s what I’ve learned from these scandals:
As a business owner, I’ve learned to take the time to research when offered an opportunity for my business because all opportunities are not good for my brand.
As a vendor,  my motto is “all money ain’t good money” so I don’t accept all vendor offers because some of them don’t fit the goals of my business.

Please don’t allow these scandals scare you from being an entrepreneur and living your dream. My goal is to share some of my worst experiences with you to PREVENT you from making the same mistakes that I did.I love what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world!!

What are your challenges as a business owner?
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