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As a business owner, when the motivation is gone or in some cases when I just feel drained, that’s when I’m praying for inspiration to take over. I know that sounds confusing, but let’s assume that motivation is a car that keeps us going in our business and inspiration is the gasoline that keeps the car going. Makes sense?
I’ve owned my business going on 4 years and I love to get messages from random people telling me that they love how positive I am. While owning a business is sometimes stressful, it’s hard to be optimistic for every situation but I continue to try because my goal is to inspire others.
In small businesses, some entrepreneurs work themselves into a true exhaustion. Sometimes we even forget to refill on all the things that we’ve lost during the work week. Even if you are not self-employed you should still attempt to refill on things such as spirituality, company of positive friends and family or just anything inspirational.

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