Let’s admit it we’ve all had our rough patches when it comes to fashion. Don’t believe me? Try this quick exercise: take a look in your closet and if you only see black clothes or mostly dark colored clothes, you’re already experiencing what I would call a fashion rough patch. On the otherhand, if you you think too hard about clothe and fashion you are already doing to much. Either way it’s a cure for both of these fashion issues.

Remember the days as a kid and you played dress up and clothes were fun? As an adult, fashion should still be fun so don’t loose those moments. So to look like a million bucks the goal is to dress young and vibrant.

Below is a picture of CEO of Ja Devan (middle) showing us vibrant dress full of color.



Here’s some tips to look like a million bucks on a $10 budget:

Don’t focus so much on clothes. Regardless of what you hear or read it’s really your inner beauty that others will notice. So remember to add a smile to your wardrobe- it’s free.

Never ever brag on the labels you wear. I know..I know you see this mistake happen alot on social media and reality television but it’s tacky. Remember to dress like a million dollars you must move away from the $10 mindset.

Regardless of the outfit wear TEN. Wear ten jewelry and accesories pieces. Using this tactic will override any horrible outfit. Be sure to use headwraps and/or scarves with a burst of color to counteract with the all black outfits.

Be yourself: It’s nothing worse than someone attempting to wear an outfit that doesn’t fit their style or personality. Create your own fashion style that shows people who you are as a person.Trust me people will love you for it!

So are you ready to reinvent your fashion to give you a million dollar look? What would you change in your closet?

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