When completing a monthly budget no one really considers jewelry and accessories to be a part of their monthly allowance, but now you can relax as we provide you tips on being a frugal jewelry shopper.

First, remember that no outfit is really considered complete without jewelry and accessories. Don’t believe me? Let’s reminisce for a minute on the best outfit you’ve ever seen. Now that you have a picture in your mind, ask yourself, “did this nice outfit include jewelry or not.” See I told you! The best outfits normally include accessories.

So let’s get back to my point. When you have a limited amount to spend on jewelry make sure you choose wisely. It’s okay to shop for cheap jewelry, however consider metal jewelry instead of plastic jewelry. Personally, I think plastic jewelry looks cheap and trust me that’s not the look you’re going for.. In addition, if you’re not the type to spend time updating your jewelry using DYI methods then stay clear of $1.00 store jewelry. Dollar store jewelry sparkles and looks glamorous when paired with other dollar store jewelry, but once you attempt to wear it with a great outfit it sometimes falls flat.

Here’s a great frugal tip: Check out your mom or granny’s jewelry box. They will not only have some of the greatest vintage jewelry pieces, but their jewelry will also be original and unique. Most likely to be similar to the piece shown below.

Sometimes shopping can actually be PRICELESS!