Guest Blogger|Siri M Carrion

Siri M Carrion Is a local designer who resides in Atlanta, GA. A single mom of 5 and a professional seamstress, craft and jewelry maker, sewing instructor, business owner and I blog about my next sewing projects. Degreed in Fashion Design and Marketing from AIU,she spends her time working on her clothing collection, which will officially launch in 2016. SiriIISiri is about reflecting the style within and is a collection of modest clothing geared to the modest women.
Siri states her future goal is to own and operate her own apparel manufacturing company that will manufacture short order runs about 300 pieces or less, along with pattern making and fabric selections.
Her favorite fashion quote: “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Rachel Zoe
Be sure to also visit her blog Siri2Siri’s Blog


7 thoughts on “Guest Blogger|Siri M Carrion

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