As I was going down my list, one thought led to another about the tools that one will need for their craft/skill/art.

A painter needs canvases , paint brushes, paint, an easel. A jewelry maker uses beads, string, clamps, pliers, crimp beads, fasteners etc.

As an experience sewer there are tons of tools one will need to complete their garment or current sewing project. As a skilled seamstress, when I see an interesting piece of material, a design pops into my mind. When I see the design I also see how to construct that garment and the “tools” needed. Nowadays, sewing machines come with so many different attachments. Your sewing time is cut down by half. When you think about the time invested into making a garment in the present compared to garment construction from the past it is an amazing thought.

Before the 1700’s everything was made by hand. The three basic tools used for sewing was a hand needle, thread and a loom to make the fabric. Imagine the time and skill that went into making a garment. It took weeks if not months to stitch a basic shirt and pants by hand.

The industrial revolution changed everything. It was the beginning of the use of powered, special-purposed machinery, factories and mass production. Because of this revolution, the textile industry was capable of mass producing a basic shirt, that took weeks to make one. Now dozens could be made in a matter of hours. Along with the invention of the sewing machine. Other specialty machines and attachments where made to finish off garments (sergers) and various attachments to fold the fabric (flat felled seams) for shirts and pants.

As I was writing my blog, I remembered when I learned to turn my fabric to make a narrow hem for a skirt. It was a painstaking procedure. Today, I have an attachment that will turn my fabric automatically and make a 1/4’” hem for skirts. I remembered when I learned to make buttonholes for the first time. I had to mark the width of the buttonhole on the fabric with fabric markers or chalk. Then try to lower the pressure foot to the correct location and begin to make my buttonholes. Now, there are attachments to make professional looking buttonholes in half the time. There are attachments for putting buttons on your garment. Attachments for creating a blind hem, for attaching elastic and cording.
When I think about the tools of my trade, I realize my creativity is on limited to my mind. If I think it, there is a tool out there to help me create it!!!
Master your skill, learn how to use your tools and as always KEEP SEWING!!!

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