The Woman’s Gift -Mark Ch.14:3-9
Personal Gift:

I would like to share the story of the Woman who came to Jesus with the
Alabaster Box. First of all, the gift was personal, meaning she didn’t
wait to see if anyone else would perhaps bring this to Jesus. There are
two groups that should have brought this Alabaster Box to Jesus. Simon
the Leper who invited Him should have, but he was not inviting Jesus
with a clear motive. Also, the Disciples should have because he taught
them so much, even about his Death at Jerusalem. However, this woman
dared to break protocol and do what was most personal and important to

Precious Gift:
I am also fascinated with the kind of Gift the she brought before our
Lord. Anything that you bring as a Gift needs to be meditated on and
prepared. The Gift you have is so precious that only you can pull it
off. Even after all the critics, the shame of the past and the jealousy
that she faced, she broke it and anointed Him for His future burial.
Yes, she Sacrificed pointing to the ultimate Sacrifice.

Protection of the Gift:
There is indignation about the Gift that this humble Sister brought to
Jesus. They said it was a waste but remember they didn’t bring the
Alabaster Box of ointment and spikenard. They said she spent too much
for the Gift, which is how people will discourage us today about the
time and finances we invest in our gifts. They also tried to tell her
what she should have done with her money. However, Jesus says, “Leave
Her Alone,” because God is very particular about how women of any
dispensation are treated especially by men. God will protect Women and
their Gifts because your gift is not just for you, it is ultimately to
the world. Jesus Confirms this Woman not by her name or status, but by
the Power and Purpose of her Gift. Now all over the world, in every
nation and tongue some Preacher, Teacher or Theologian will eventually
have to talk about this Woman.

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