Hi friends! I have been a Makeup Artist for almost 10 years now, but before we get into makeup techniques, tools, products, etc, I must remind you of the importance of skin care. Think of your face as a canvas that a visual artist creates on; it should be smooth so that the paint can glide on it effortlessly and so that it’s beauty can shine through. If it is textured you might not get the same result or the eyes might get distracted by the imperfections. While makeup can hide discolorations, an enhanced texture starts with skin care.

(True Beauty Solutions)
(True Beauty Solutions)
The goal is smooth, healthy, glowing skin naturally. Makeup should only enhance one’s appearance. Know what your skin type is and use products that help it get as Ph-Balanced as possible. Visit a skin care product specialist at your favorite boutique or department store counter for their professional recommendations on what products can be customized for your individuality.

I personally have always had “normal” skin (never too oily or too dry) therefore ever since I was 18 I have always used an “anti-aging” skin care line as a preventative measure to ensure I will not get too many wrinkles as I get older and that my skin will stay nice and smooth with a youthful elasticity which I have been lucky enough to have maintained so far.

Some of my favorite lines are NuSkin (which my company Marilona Makeovers sells), Aveda, Origins, L’Occitane, and even the drug store brand Oil of Olay. Review your current skin care regimen; ask yourself if you are satisfied with your face wash, toner, and moisturizer and if your skin is as healthy as it can be, and if not, think about switching products/brands and trying something new. I definitely splurge on my skin care because I know it’s worth it! And… no matter what you do, don’t forget to use a good eye cream too and SPF whenever you go out in the sun, no matter what complexion you are! These small changes will add up, and your future self will thank you, I promise you that!
Meet Marilona


Marilona Samuels, Founder and Sole Proprietor of Marilona Makeovers, is an internationally respected Professional Makeup Artist with an outstanding knowledge of advanced makeup artistry. She is passionate and committed to providing her clients with outstanding service, flawless makeup application, and a personalized, pampered experience.

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