Most of us either struggle or have struggled with our fitness and/or health goals at one time or another. Here are my top four ideas for getting off on the right foot:

Women Working Out (Healthy Eat For Healthy Families)

Set simple goals: Come up with one small goal a week (eat less simple carbs, take the stairs and not the elevator, drink more water, etc) that is a stepping-stone to your long-term goal. Don’t expect immediate results as it takes time for the human body to learn what you are trying to get it to do. Making a short and long term checklist will keep you striving for something other than “losing 50 pounds”
Avoid Miracle Supplement: To put in plainly there is no diet pill or shake that will make you lose weight while keeping you healthy. All of those supplements still require you to eat a healthy diet and start on some kind of exercise regimen (they usually put it in small print somewhere on the label).
Lift weights: Women, except in very rare cases, do not have the dominance of testosterone to make them look like bodybuilders. Perform your lifting movements with multiple sets of 20-25 repetitions of light to medium heavy weight. Lifting weights helps to burn fat between workouts and is also great for building and sustaining bone density in women.
Find your “Why”: Finding and being reminded of the reason you want to better yourself will pick you up when you feel like giving up or “taking a day off”. Your health and loved ones should be at the top of your “why” list. Looking good for a class reunion or other special event should be toward the bottom. A healthy body inside will show its reflection on the outside.

To help get you get started on your fitness path, we wanted to share a starter fitness plan for Spark People:

Fitness Plan (Spark People)
Fitness Plan
(Spark People)

Meet Demorrius Jones!

My name is Demorrius Jones and I am a married father of two children. I am also a lover of music and fitness. I was always active in sports while growing up, which sparked my love for fitness. I believe fitness not only helps strengthen the body, but also the mind. Through my love for fitness, I attained my personal trainer certification and strive to help others reach their goals from the inside, out. Demorrius Jones is also the CEO of Jonz’n 4 Fitness. Make sure you visit his Facebook fanpage!

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