Reasons to Wear Your Natural Hair

Let’s begin with my hair history. I have been relaxing my hair since the 7th grade, but even before my hair was relaxed, my hair was pressed straight. When I was young, my only desire was to have long straight hair so I never styled my hair in its natural state. In 2010, I became fed up with my hair. It was in really bad shape and I began to question myself of what was going on. I asked myself, “why my hair was not growing?” “Why my hair was starting to break off?” “Why my hair was so thin?” In frustration, I began searching online on how I can improve my hair and ran across so many articles, videos, and pictures discussing natural hair. During my search, I began to see beautiful women with beautiful curls, kinks, afros, braids, and etc. The more I read, the more I wanted to go in that direction. Now I must admit, I was afraid of letting my hair get “NAPPY” but I took a chance and decided to transition.

My last relaxer was in September 2010 and I begin searching on YouTube of hairstyles I could do during this process. After 5 months of transitioning, I became frustrated again. I was tired of dealing with the two different textures, my new growth of my natural hair and the straight relaxed ends of my hair. I was also a bit anxious and a little impatient because I wanted to start wearing some natural styles. So in March 2011, I decided to do the Big Chop:

Eboni two
(Here’s me Now)

As scary as it was, it was an amazing experience and I wasn’t going back. Since doing the big chop, I have learned how to properly take care of my hair and my hair began thriving again. I enjoyed doing many styles that I wanted and even having the option of going straight (flat iron) and back to curly. I even enjoyed the reaction of to natural hair from my husband, my family, my friends, and some strangers……the good and the bad.


Eboni one
(Here’s me after the BIG chop)

Now that I’m at my 2 year natural hair anniversary, I can say that I love being natural. It actually made me more confident in way I present myself because I am giving you the real me…….natural hair and all.


Eboni Jones


What are your challenges with going natural ?

Please take a moment to meet Eboni.

Hello My name is Eboni Jones and I’m a Christian mom, married to a wonderful police officer. Graduated from Texas A&M University at Commerce and I am a lover of arts, fitness and now my natural hair. Eboni is going on her second year of being natural and will be sharing her hair journey as well as tips on caring for natural hair.
Stay tuned for her first blog about her hair!




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