Let me just start by saying, shopping as a tall girl in a town full of short people is definitely not one of my most favored things to do. In fact I loathe the thought of shopping for clothes and shoes these days. Today I finally forced myself out of the house to go buy a new pair of shoes for work. My favorite shoes, which by the way I bought on the other side of the state, are done for. And I don’t just mean a little worn out, I mean literally hanging on by a thread.

So I set out on the daunting task of finding a new pair. I must have visited 10 different stores today to no avail. It’s funny how I can look in the size 5 or 6 section and there are racks and racks of the cutest shoes EVER! Each about 2 rows full of dazzle and way too much awesomeness going on. Wait! Is Awesomeness even a word?

Anyways, I get to the size 9 ½ that I was blessed/cursed with. Thanks Dad! There is ½ a row. ½ a row??? Really? And why would someone who is a size 9 ½ want to wear 3-inch heels? Or shoes that are so flat I may as well be barefoot.

Us tall people with big feet need awesomeness too! I’m starting to think I should just create my own line of clothing and shoes for jolly blonde giants such as myself.

All I can say for now is thank God for coffee! As I fought the frigid temps and wind getting back into my car for the tenth time with no shoes in tow, I grabbed my warm cup of yumminess and called it a day.

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Meet Valerie!

I’m Valerie and I am a tall blonde with blue eyes and legs for miles. With only my 11 yr old (going on 17 and sometimes I think 30) at home, I work a full time job by day and play Taxi Driver, Wife, Mom, Maid, and Chef by night. And I must add that NONE of this would be possible without my daily dose of COFFEE!

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