When I was little I use to look at pictures of my mom when she was my age and older. She would wear these stylish skirts and jackets. In this one particular picture she was at prom with her date. She wore a peach colored dress and a jacket. She had silver or white pumps on and matching gloves. I remember my grandmother telling me the story, “oh yeah I remember that day. Your mother made that outfit.” When my grandmother finished telling me the story. I just thought that was the coolest thing ever. SHE MADE HER CLOTHES !!

Unbeknownst to me, I was born with her creativity gene. At an early age I began to “design” clothes for my dolls and for myself. When my mother and grandmother saw some of things I created, my mother sat me down to her old singer metal sewing machine and taught me how to line up the fabric against the guideline. It scarred me to death! It was loud and fast!

Now that I am a mother of 5, I never really gave it much thought to teach my own children. Until one day, we were snowed in, well actually iced in. My kids were very hyper, so I told them to go down to my fabric “stash” and find some material. Everyone came back with knit fabric of various colors. The easiest thing I could teach them was how to make pajama bottoms. For the rest of the afternoon my children made themselves pajamas, which they still wear to this very day.

Sewing (www.tillyandthebuttons.com)

When I posted the pictures on Facebook, I had an explosion of people sending messages about teaching them or their children how to sew.They also reminisced on how their grandmother or mother use to sew but they never learned and now as adults they wished they would of learned.

Now I spend my extra time teaching children and adults how to sew and the basics of the sewing machine. When my students finish their projects and begin to sew things on their own. It brings me great delight and wonderful memories from my childhood.

Over the last couple of years I have seen an increase of classes being offered in the suburbs of every city. It’s great to see this lost art will continue on for generations to come!

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