3 Simple tips to grow your business via social media

Social Media (LinkedIN)

Creating interest in your business and attracting clients is the focus of every entrepreneur. With the emergence of social media as a viable marketing platform, new businesses are popping up online every day. Unfortunately, most fall short of leveraging the true power of social media to successfully connect with new clients. Here are some simple tips to help you create more interest for your business with social media.

#1 Use Photos
Photos increase visual interest and help your message stand out. Facebook stats show that status messages with photos can get up to 80% MORE ENGAGEMENT than posts without photos. Share photos of your product or services, clients, something motivational, or really anything that reflects you and your business

Testimonials (HRsmart)

#2 Share Testimonials
Nothing is more powerful for business than sharing your client’s testimonials and reviews regarding your products and services. A compelling testimonial can have quite an impact on your potential client base and is often more persuasive than boring facts and stats.
Be sure to share authentic reviews. Never make up reviews or client testimonials. You can have your clients post reviews on your website, email them and ask them to email you back, or even have comment cards that clients can complete at your place of business.

#3 Engage
Be sure to treat your social media differently than your other marketing methods. You will be very disappointed with your social media results if you are only pushing out your sales offers and messages. With junk mail and telemarketing calls, who really wants to get solicited on social media too? People are using social media to connect with people… always keep that in mind. Here are few ways to engage…

(Business 2 Community)
(Business 2 Community)

Ask questions related to just life in general. What’s going on fun this weekend?
Ask business questions. What’s your favorite product and why?

Publicly thank clients. Mary, thanks for stopping by the store today. It was great to see you.
Always respond to questions, complaints, and comments promptly. Your actions will show your clients, and potential ones, that you CARE!

Written by Lori Jackson

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