Business|Tips on opening a business while in college

(Watson CPA Group)

(Watson CPA Group)

As college students, if each of us were totally honest with ourselves we can admit to having several talents inside of us that would potentially make us all millionaires. Sadly, a lot of those talents are suppressed because students must choose between earning a degree or starting a small business. Being a college student and an entrepreneur is not overly hard if you stick with what you love or what you have experience in.

College Student working on project (Image Basket)

College Student working on project
(Image Basket)

Being a good college student is very time consuming ,so I wouldn’t suggest starting an IBM type business while in college unless you have the manpower and money to support this venture. However, I do suggest starting a very small business that incorporates hobbies or duties that you can complete with the greatest of ease. If you bake favorites for other students and they think your cooking is to die for then you should consider baking cookies and other favorites as a start-up business. It is possible that your business would be successful because it’s something that you love.

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