Arm Candy (Stylish Wife)

My love for accessorizing started when I was in college. Honestly speaking, during my time in college I really didn’t care about either fashion or accessories. During college, I noticed that I would literally clutch and play with my pearls during my class presentations. When I knew that I could pay with my jewelry during my public speaking projects at school and it not count again my grade that’s when I became a natural at wearing accessories. It was almost as if pearls and I became best friends. Believe it or not pearls kept me from fumbling over my words. So while all the other girls played dress up as a kids, I literally learned how to play dress up in college with my pearls and accessories.  As a kid, I do remember my grandmother’s accessories catching my eye a time or two.  Please visit Wife Mommy Me to see our tips on wearing fabulous accessories for any and every occasion! The necklace shown below is my absolute favorite!


Update: I want to personally thank Stephanie from Wife Mommy Me for Featuring me and my then business- Just Pearlz on their website. Since this interview, Just Pearlz is no longer active JEWELRY business and I am now Founder of Women With Gifts-a nonprofit organization.-LK

Please take a look at our recent Small Business Feature|Ja De’van Fashion Designs & Alterations LLC.

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