Perfect way to switch from a day outfit to a evening outfit in 5 minutes

Being able to combine day outfit with an evening outfit is a very rewarding way that many of us want to be able to do. It requires few changes to get a nice day look to be a great look when you go out at night.

Day Time Look
Day Time Look

Many of us women like to dress smart and stylish even during the day. Whether it is for work or maybe on a shopping spree in town. Nice jeans and a nice pair of shoes will work just fine for a day outfit and an evening outfit. Here I have combined it together with fine gold jewelry, a cute shopping bag and a plain basic T-shirt. It is a stylish look, but not too dressy.

(Casual but dressy look)
(Casual but dressy look)

Maybe you are going out for dinner or it is a party you’re going to, and you don’t have a lot of time to get dressed. The perfect solution for that it is just for you to make a few little changes on what you already are wearing.You can see here that it is the same pants and shoes like the other outfit, but I have just made two small changes to it. I have replaced the T-shirt with a cute sleeveless top and the shopping bag with a clutch with gold details. With that easy solution you can get a great outfit for a night on the town.
It is quite normal for us women to get anxious about what we should wear on special occasions, but usually it should not be that hard. If you have a favourite pair of pants, then you can wear them on a daily basis and even when you are going out.

Written by Jeanette Foss

What do you think of this outfit? What other tips do you have for someone going from day to evening wear?


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